For legal sector employers

Previous relevant experience includes:

  • Continuing competence I have advised the Law Society, firms and international Bars on the implementation and impact of the SRA’s new Continuing Competence regime. I have a particular interest in the role of continuing competence where there is a generalist initial qualification, in a sector where the market has driven increased practice area specialisation.
  • Education and Training My specific focus has been on matters relating to the qualification and ongoing competence of solicitors. I led the initial work on the development of the Statement of Solicitor Competence and much of the learning from the development of the QLTS under my lead is now being incorporated into the SQE.
  • Social mobility and legal apprenticeships Inextricably linked to my work in relation to qualifications has been my involvement in policy on social mobility and the impact of policy changes. I have drafted input to Alan Milburn’s Calls for Evidence evaluating progress within the legal profession, and have written Equality Impact Assessments for policies I have led.  I have a particular interest in legal apprenticeships and have led the Law Society’s recent engagement on this issue.