For regulators and professional bodies

Previous relevant experience includes:

  • Law Society Strategy 2020 I led and drafted the final reports for the workstreams on Legal Education and Professional Standards, and the Solicitor Brand. This involved evaluating the disparate elements of the Law Society’s existing legal education offering, identifying strategic weaknesses and, by drawing on best practice both internationally and within other professions, proposing options and opportunities for the future.
  • International benchmarking I wrote the Law Society’s Report into the Global competitiveness of the England and Wales solicitor qualification based on in-depth interviews with City/international law firms’ strategists, partners and learning and development teams, and evaluation of the available data. Essentially this report explores the relative importance of the England and Wales qualification in comparison to other globally recognised titles.
  • Assessment I led the development and implementation of the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) which facilitates the transfer of international lawyers and managed the first 3 years of its operation for the SRA.  During this time I contributed to two journal articles on the assessments used in QLTS (Using multiple choice questions to examine the content of the qualifying law degree accurately and reliably: the experience of the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme – The Law Teacher (2013) and The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme: innovative assessment methodology and practice in a high stakes professional exam – The Law Teacher (2012)).
  • Accreditation schemes From an early stage at the Law Society I became involved in accreditation and peer review. In particular, I project managed the development and implementation of the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme (IAAS) .  More recently I have assisted the Law Society to evaluate existing schemes and incorporate best practice.
  • Higher Rights of Audience I led the evaluation of the Higher Rights of Audience qualification for the SRA. Subsequently I researched and implemented an advocacy training strategy for the Law Society based on member needs research and assessment of the current market.
  • Regulatory reform I managed the first substantive application to the Legal Services Board under the Legal Services Act to gain approval of new Regulations. This experience, coupled with working at the Law Society and SRA at a time of significant regulatory change for the legal profession, means that I have a thorough knowledge of the practical and theoretical drivers for historic and future change.  I have a particular interest in the reform of the reserved activities which has been the focus of a recent assignment.